(By Bryan Fischer) Historically and legally, there are three ways in which the political control of land is acquired or transferred: conquest, purchase or settlement. Sovereign control is transferred when one nation settles the land (e.g., America’s westward expansion), buys it (e.g. Louisiana Purchase) or wins it in war (e.g., southwestern United States). Transfer of land through conquest can occur as a result of a defensive war, such as Israel waged in 1948 against five Arab armies, and again in 1967

when they gained military and therefore rightful political control of all of Jerusalem and the West Bank. They are not an “occupying force,” as President Trump’s National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster falsely believes. They have the moral right to every inch of territory taken from an invading enemy. But there is another factor in the transfer of land through conquest that has rarely been discussed, and that is the moral factor. There are times when God will bring one nation against another as a form of judgment on the utter moral collapse of the invaded nation. READ MORE