President Trump’s business councils may be a casualty of his controversial comments following white supremacist violence in Charlottesville over the weekend—and now a member of his evangelical advisory board has followed suit. Pastor A.R. Bernard announced his official departure from the council Friday night, although he said he stepped away months ag0. Other members of the council, like Pastor Mark Burns say they are staying put. In a video posted to Twitter,

Burns said, “I will NEVER RESIGN or Abandon @POTUS over #Charlottesville. He needs his spiritual Advisers more than Ever..! In an interview with CBN News’ Faith Nation, Pastor Robert Jeffress not only stuck by the president but supported his statements on Charlottesville. “I think he was right to denounce racism in all its forms. I know the president, you know the president; there is not a racist bone in his body,” defended Jeffress. READ MORE