(By Michael Snyder) Is it useless to try to save America? Since I announced that I would be running for a seat in Congress, I have had a number of people become extremely upset with me. According to these people, I am misleading the public by suggesting that we should fight for the future of our country and that instead, I should be telling people to bunker down and prepare for the worst. Of course, my wife and I are definitely big preppers, and nothing about my long-term outlook for this nation has changed one bit. But I have always said that when things get really bad that instead of digging a hole and hiding, we would

be running to the front lines to storm the gates of hell instead. We believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are still ahead of us, and we also believe that the greatest hour for the people of God collectively will be during the darkest times that humanity has ever faced. I have had others get extremely upset with me because I am supposedly choosing politics instead of ministry. But why can’t politics be a ministry? After I initially felt called to do this, I started to reflect on why the Lord may possibly want me in Washington. READ MORE