A plastic surgery fan dubbed ‘the Human Ken Doll’ has commemorated his latest procedure by filming himself while doctors performed an operation to give him eyes like a cat. Brazil-born Rodrigo Alves, 34, has already spent £400,000 on more than 150 body-changing operations and procedures – including liposuction, six-pack implants, and Botox. The TV presenter who currently lives in London traveled to Tehran in Iran to have his eyes pulled, sliced and stitched into a feline

shape. It comes days after he visited Kish Island in the Persian Gulf off the southern coast of Iran to have his tenth nose job to celebrate his 34th birthday. But his £52,000 ‘surgery holiday’ isn’t over because during his nose job the docs accidentally broke his front teeth – so he’s now waiting for new veneers. Rodrigo was left with problems breathing after his previous nose jobs and says the anxiety had made him pile on three stone in a year. READ MORE