A huge total solar eclipse will take place over the United States this month and for some Christians, it’s a clear sign from God that the last days prophesied in the Bible are upon us. The eclipse is already causing a lot of excitement in the astronomy community and it even has its own dedicated website calling it the Great American Eclipse.  Millions of Americans are expected to head out to see it and the website tells enthusiastic sky-watchers where they can best catch a glimpse.


It promises to be quite a spectacle as this particular eclipse will span from coast to coast of the United States, an unusual occurance for solar eclipses.  But it’s not only sky-watchers who are getting excited about it.  The upcoming eclipse is also causing a stir among Christians who are watching for signs of the end times prophesied in the Bible.  There are several verses in the Bible that prophecy about the sun turning dark, for example Matthew 24:29 in which Jesus says the sun will be darkened after the tribulation, and in Revelation 6:12 which talks about the sun becoming ‘black as sackcloth of hair’ and the moon becoming ‘like blood.’  CONTINUE