An Arizona-based group has launched a “political late-night comedy” show similar to “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” to provide stand-up comedy and skits by its pastor, who recently had been characterized by the New York Post as a “hipster pastor.” The weekly broadcast uses satire and strong language to make a “mockery of sin” in an effort, they say, to rival secular entertainment and engage the culture with the gospel. The endeavor has generated a mixed response, with

some praising the program, and others expressing concern over coarse jesting or wondering why a comedy show is necessary for already overly-entertained American Christianity. Apologia Church, led by Jeff Durbin, in conjunction with Apologia Studios, led by Marcus Pittman, launched “Next Week With Jeff Durbin” on Aug. 1, issuing a national press release the day prior. “Apologia Studios is passionate about making Christian entertainment, not suck. READ MORE