Earlier this week, we reported on an unidentified woman who died in the Houston flood waters, with her young daughter clinging to her body when rescuers found them. The woman and her daughter have now been identified as 41-year-old Collette Sulcer and her 3-year-old daughter Jordyn. As with many who found themselves caught in an impossible situation this past week, Sulcer was driving her car around 3:30 pm on Tuesday when she ran into flood waters that were too high to

get through. Realizing she had to get out of the car, she managed to do so with her daughter, just before waters swept them about a half a mile in another direction. No doubt, Sulcer was holding onto her daughter for dear life, in hopes she could save her most precious gift. Hours later, they were found floating in the water, the young girl somehow managing to stay connected to her Mom by holding onto her back — MORE