(By Ivan Rudolph) Have you ever had a near-death experience (NDE)? The sort where you physically died and found yourself “somewhere else,” no longer inhabiting your dead body? If you did, you may have had a taste of the afterlife—and may have been fortunate enough to recall this fact. You can probably also still vividly recall details of your experience, and it may well have changed for the better your whole approach to life, people and priorities. On the other hand, you may have returned

from this experience confused, disoriented and even disbelieved by family and friends. Your life afterward may have crashed around you. Either way, it is really important for you to know what happened to you, not just what happened to your body while you were absent from it, but to the real you that left it during your NDE. As for those of us who have never had such an experience—by listening and analyzing the accounts of NDErs, we can benefit from knowing what we might anticipate when we die, which for most people is a one-time experience.  READ MORE