Google is known as the go-to search engine for many, but may soon be making news in its own way, by following the tactics of CNN in publicizing the targeting of Christian groups. Recently, CNN followed the Southern Poverty Law Center’s example in publishing a list of “hate groups” across the country. Many on the list were Christian organizations, lumped in together by SPLC with radical groups. CNN is not the only one to take a page out of the progressive group’s book. As the Daily Wire reported, Google is partnering with SPLC and other liberal groups and outlets, including ProPublica, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, Univision, and the Advocate. The partnership is for the Documenting Hate Project.

As described by Google: The Documenting Hate News Index — built by the Google News Lab, data visualization studio Pitch Interactive and ProPublica — takes a raw feed of Google News articles from the past six months and uses the Google Cloud Natural Language API to create a visual tool to help reporters find news happening across the country. It’s a constantly-updating snapshot of data from this year, one which is valuable as a starting point to reporting on this area of news. CONTINUE