A magnitude 5.2 earthquake has struck Guam just a day after Kim Jong-un promised to target a US military base on the island. The US Geological Survey says the earthquake hit at 8am on Wednesday and that the epicenter was 51.7 miles (83.4km) southeast of Inarajan Village, a community of about 2,300 people. The earthquake had a depth of 6 miles (10km) and comes amid a period of intense hostility on the Korean peninsula.

The dictator was pictured laughing with top officials as the Hwasong-12 was unleashed on Tuesday and later warned the launch was a mere ‘curtain raiser’. State media boasted that the test was timed to mark the 107th anniversary of the ‘disgraceful’ Japan-Korea treaty of 1910, under which Tokyo colonised the Korean peninsula. It was part of ‘a bold plan to make the cruel Japanese islanders insensible on bloody August 29’, the KCNA agency said. READ MORE