A watchdog group that monitors the promotion of sin in children’s entertainment is expressing concern over a recent episode of the preschooler-geared cartoon “Doc McStuffins,” which featured an animated depiction of the lesbian moms of two children. “Controversial topics and lifestyle choices should be left up to the parents to discuss and Disney Junior should not introduce this to young children,” said the organization One Million Moms in a blog post. “Just because an

issue may be legal or because some are choosing a lifestyle doesn’t make it morally correct. Disney should stick to entertaining and providing family-friendly programming instead of pushing an agenda.” The episode, which aired this past Saturday on Disney Junior, centers on the importance of having a plan in place for emergencies. The lesbian characters, voiced by Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi, face an earthquake caused by a toy dragon jumping and down, and they run for safety—one with each child—in separate directions.  READ MORE