(By Perry Stone) There is much discussion on the internet, concerning the August – full solar eclipse that will begin on the east coast and stretch all the way to the west coast and will be all across the United States. The date of which this occurs and the track across America is rather rare (although solar eclipses do often occur), but numerous Hebraic connections to this event are numerous and interesting. Jesus said there would be “signs in the sun…” If the rabbinical interpretation of the solar eclipses are accurate, then this is bad heavenly omen for the United States. Let me explain.

For centuries devout Jews (and ancient empires) tracked solar and lunar eclipses, falling stars and comets and noted events which followed, including births, deaths, famines and wars. The rabbinical interpretation is that If the sun is in a full eclipse it is a bad sign for the Gentile world, and in this instance, because it covers the entire USA, it is a warning of a major war coming to the United States. If this narrative is correct, is it possible that the United States will be at war with North Korea, or perhaps Iran or in Syria? I do not mean simply dropping a few bombs or shooting missiles from a ship, but an outright war. North Korea is not being reported on most major news outlets, as the secular leftist media is so obsessed with “Trump and the Russians,” when the danger is not Russia mingling in a past election but a mad dictator in North Korea who can now hit Los Angeles with a nuclear bomb!

This is NO JOKE and is not prophetic hype. He is threatening America for their sanctions and knows the US has a special OPS force standing by to take him out, thus he will release what he has to retaliate. Is this a cosmic harbinger of a coming war? Then, ISIS is targeting nuclear power plants (a vision I saw many years ago). Before you suggest this is nonsense and shake it off as a rabbinical fantasy, I would suggest that we all, “wait and see.” I certainly hope things can be resolved in peace. However, there will be, “Wars and rumors of wars,” at the time of the end (Matt. 24:7-8)