(By Ed Stetzer) So, I never thought I’d write a post defending Joel Osteen … But, seriously, the floodgates of media unleashed against Joel Osteen, based on an unclear church statement and fanned by agenda-driven social media, tells me that we have a cultural problem. The fact that many Christians have joined in shows me it is a Christian problem. It’s

wrong in both cases, but disturbing to see some Christians joining in. It seems some Christians hate Joel Osteen more than they love the truth. I’d expect that from the world, but I hoped for better in the church. So we are clear, Osteen and I are not on the same page theologically. And I have serious problems with the prosperity gospel. Furthermore, his platitudes and lifestyle have not helped in this moment. But do we have to join the deluge of hatred toward him for what is a questionable situation—at best? READ MORE