What does an ancient Roman Bath have to do with Jesus’ miraculous feeding of the 5,000? Archaeologists working in Israel peel back layers to unravel the mystery of the past. That’s what happened at a site they now believe may have been biblical Bethsaida. “We are on the northern shore of the Kinneret Lake, the Sea of Galilee, a site known in Arabic as el-Araj [and] in Hebrew [as] Beit Abek,” Dr. Mordechai Aviam, with the Kinneret College of the Sea of Galilee’s Institute for

Galilean Archaeology, told CBN News. “This site was known since the end of the 19th century as an ancient site and one of the three candidates to identify Bethsaida.” For years, archaeologists searched for biblical Bethsaida, the home of Peter, Andrew and Philip. There were several candidates, but ironically, a Roman Bath could hold the key to identifying the ancient village.  READ MORE