We’re past the point for me to say AMC’s Preacher has jumped the shark in terms of Christianity, but that certainly doesn’t stop the show from trying. This latest episode just introduced a background for Jesus Christ so crazy that Dan Brown’s asking questions. The July 31st episode, “Pig,” features a look into the white-clad, violent religious organization known as The Grail that seems to be following and hunting Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) on his search for God. After a series of trials shown in a flashback, the group welcomes their newest recruit Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) to their mission.

Saltonstall: This is no myth. Christ lives on.

Herr Starr: Yes, yes, he lives in our hearts.

Saltonstall: No, Herr Starr. Christ lives in a top-secret location guarded by machine guns.

Herr Starr: Does he?

Saltonstall: Yes. You see, before he sacrificed himself for our sins, our Lord gave a final gift to humanity—he fathered a child. For generations, The Grail has protected this holy lineage in preparation for one event—The End of the World. CONTINUE