While it’s far from the lasting peace agreement President Donald Trump would like to help broker between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Thursday’s announcement that the two sides had come to an agreement on water usage rights related to the Red-Dead Sea Conveyance Project was hailed by the White House as a positive first step in that direction. The Dead Sea is quickly drying out, and much of the Middle East is in dire need of drinking water. With both of those

issues in mind, the Red-Dead Sea Conveyance project was developed as a means to provide water to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas through desalination plants located on the Red Sea, which would discharge brine into the Dead Sea to slow down its demise. Through the agreement, Israel and the PA agreed to 32 million cubic meters (8.45 billion gallons) of water for Judea and Samaria, as well as 10 million cubic meters (2.64 billion gallons) for the Gaza Strip. READ MORE