The massive Pasco County sinkhole widened by Wednesday, prompting officials to warn additional residents that they may need to evacuate if it keeps getting bigger. The growth three days after the opening that appeared to have stabilized is due to erosion of the sandy soil around it, according to Pasco County officials. They said they do not believe it indicates further instability in the underlying limestone bedrock that caused the ground to collapse and swallow two homes last

week. The sinkhole — already one of the largest in Pasco in decades — widened by about 10 feet and now measures about 235 feet across. The depth remained at 50 feet as of Wednesday. In response to the widening, the occupants of two houses on nearby Canal Place were told to begin gathering their belongings for possible evacuation in the near future. Three houses remain without power and vacant, in addition to the two destroyed by the sinkhole. READ MORE