When God created the world, the Bible says He saw it was “very good.” A natural order had been established. But mankind fell to sin and death, and that order was destroyed. Still, throughout human history, mankind possessed some inherent sense of what the world should be like. Religion, morality, and law were ways to restrain the depraved impulses of mankind. And in the Christian West, there was general agreement about how society should run. But that consensus has

been shattered. Christianity is being driven from public life. Homosexuality, Transsexuality and other “identities” and sexual activities that were once considered perverse are now regarded by elites as core to Western civilization. Among the younger generation, more evangelicals are accepting of same-sex marriage. And the only time liberals seem willing to side against sexual degeneracy is when it means aiding the cause of the Muslims who are colonizing the West in ever-growing numbers.  READ MORE