It’s been making big headlines: The first American workers are getting injected with microchips.  The Wisconsin company that’s doing it says it’s the future, and it’s all about convenience. But the idea is sparking opposition from both religious and secular circles, from biblical End Times concerns to privacy rights.  Pastor Dave Doyle from Hope Christian Fellowship Church in Iowa says the microchips make him think about the “mark of the Beast” from Revelation 13:16, according to KCRG in Cedar Rapids.

“I take microchipping as a form of the mark. There’s many pieces of the mark, and then again, all these pieces of the mark is designed to control,” he said. Doyle is referring to the news story about a company called Three Square Market that is giving their employees the option to get a microchip implanted in their hand. Read more here.  Employees can use these chips to enter their work building, login to a computer, or buy things from the company vending machine.  READ MORE