(Reported By Ben Kayser) Last week, I attended a pre-screening of the first Spider-Man solo movie that’s included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Sony Pictures owns rights to the Spider-Man character, and has already made several movies just in the past 15 years, the fact that Marvel, owned by Disney, made an agreement to share the same Spider-Man played by Tom Holland is unprecedented. All in all, Spider-Man: Homecoming has a lot of excitement behind it and could be the beginning of a new and very successful Spider-Man movie series. So far, critics and fans alike adore it. However, when I saw it in a press

screening along with other critics, many of whom brought their children, what I saw disturbed me. The movie has a myriad of issues, from poor writing to bad direction, which you can read more about in the review here. However, one line that was said by one of the characters stood out to me as I was writing, and I couldn’t let it go. In the movie, Peter Parker has a best friend, Ned, a chubby Hawaiian teen who finds out about Peter’s secret identity as Spider-Man and desperately wants to be Peter’s techie sidekick. READ MORE