This strange green object which appears to be soaring upwards into the sky has been called inexplicable by UFO conspiracy theorists. Footage uploaded to YouTube of the “UFO” filmed just outside Dos Palos off Interstate 5 in California, has been viewed more than 10,000 times.The video shows a motorist pulling over next to a small road before filming a distant white object. However, when the camera is later zoomed in it appears to have a green tinged trail coming

from it. It has been suggested by alien conspiracy theorist YouTube channel Third Phase of Moon, the object is hurtling into Earth’s outer atmosphere before the clip comes to an end. The video narrator says: “In the beginning, I thought you may as well dismiss it as a weather balloon sighting. “But the closer you look at it, the weather balloons don’t act this way. “It continuously morphs and the colors are quite amazing.”  READ MORE