A Georgia judge has ordered a man who killed a teenager in a tragic car crash last year to carry around a photo of the girl as part of his probation — a constant reminder of a young life ended far too soon. Georgia judge Rusty Carlisle ordered Daniel Leigh Crane, 50, to carry a photo of Summer Lee, who was just 18 when she died in August 2016 after Crane hit her SUV and pushed her car into five other vehicles, as Inside Edition reported. As part of Crane’s probation

after 60 days in jail, he will be carrying Summer’s photo as well as the statement that her mother, Kim Lee, read at his sentencing last month, the outlet noted. The sentence came down after Crane pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide. Carlisle said he was incredibly moved by a statement Lee read at the sentencing. “The victim’s mom got up and read her impact statement forgiving the man who killed her daughter,” Carlisle told WAGA-TV. “It was moving … not a dry eye in the whole room.” READ MORE