A leading pro-life organization is accusing Google of manipulating the parameters of its search engine to drastically reduce its exposure when people search for information about abortion. Operation Rescue, which maintains records on abortion clinics and abortionists in the United States, says that since May it’s seen a massive drop in the number of people going to its fact page Abortions in America, which had previously been the most-visited page on the site.

According to the pro-life group, its Abortions in America fact page “previously appeared on Google in top five hits on the search ‘Abortions in US,’ and was a top referrer to OperationRescue.org. It has since been buried off the first results page and well down the list. “The page was also dropped off the first page of results for the search ‘Abortion Statistics,’ which had been one of Operation Rescue’s top search referrals,” Cheryl Sullenger, senior vice president of Operation Rescue, said in a July 5 press release.  READ MORE