A British think tank has released a new report detailing that exorcisms are on the rise in the U.K., while also warning that there’s a major need to further assess the associated implications. “Perhaps the most contentious aspect of thinking about Christian attitudes to mental health is the degree to which attention is given to the possibility of demonic possession,” reads a report from Theos, a faith and culture think tank. “Certainly there is a biblical warrant for the dangers of demonic

forces, and Jesus’ great commission to the disciples includes the explicit command to ‘cast out demons.’ However, there is also need for serious caution.” Considering that exorcisms are now reportedly “booming” in the U.K. — something driven, in part, by immigrant communities as well as Pentecostal church practices — the report cautioned that there’s a potential for “Christian over-spiritualizing,” creating a situation in which people who are mentally ill are not seeking appropriate treatment and are, instead, only looking at spiritual remedies. READ MORE