Forget pajamas and cartoons. For Halle Pino, Ida Kay and Blair St. Clair, Saturday morning meant story time for a room of young kids — and dress-up story time at that. The occasion? Drag Queen Storytime at the Indianapolis Central Library. The trio read tales with superhero themes to the kids who sprawled out on the floor, in the seats and on parents’ laps in Clowes Auditorium. On the program were “Ten Rules of Being a Superhero,” “Princess Super Kitty,” “My Mom Has X-ray

Vision” and crafts that included mask-making and coloring. The trio took turns reading the books, sprinkling color commentary throughout that appealed to the few dozen kids and adults. To keep up engagement, the trio asked questions, including “What did you learn about being a superhero?” and, in reference to superheroes’ need to snack, “Do you like cookies?” The latter seemed to be the most popular topic among the youngest audience members.  READ MORE