Leaders of the Church of England want to urge the government to ban the practice of conversion therapy, which seeks to help those who want to change their same-sex attraction. They called the therapy unethical and potentially harmful. “Conversion therapy is harmful, dangerous and just doesn’t work,” said Jayne Ozanne, who represents laity in the Diocese of Oxford, while moving the motion at the Church of England’s General Synod during its ongoing annual July sessions in

York. “People may be able to alter their behavior but they can never alter their innate desire.” The denomination’s national assembly voted to endorse a Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy signed by The Royal College of Psychiatrists and others condemning the practice. “This debate is actually quite simple. Do we trust our medical health professions and academics (including many sincere godly Christians) to know what they are talking about?” Ozanne asked. “Should we listen to the voices of those we and others have unwittingly harmed?  READ MORE