For the first time ever, the 21-member World Heritage Committee recognized a significant religious site — the Cave of the Patriarchs — as part of the State of Palestine. In a secret ballot vote, 12 countries approved this ruling on Hebron’s Old Town and the Cave. Three objected and six abstained. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the vote as another “delirious” act by UNESCO. “This time, they determined that the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron is a Palestinian heritage

site, meaning that it is not a Jewish site and that it is in danger.”“Not a Jewish site?” he asked. “After all, who is buried there? Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah, our patriarchs and matriarchs,” Netanyahu said. “The site is in danger? Only in places where Israel exists, like in Hebron, is freedom of worship guaranteed for all,” he said. “Everywhere else in the Middle East, mosques, churches, and synagogues are being destroyed,” Netanyahu said. “We’ll continue to safeguard the Cave of the Patriarchs, freedom of religion and truth.”  READ MORE