(By Mark Virkler) We know God speaks to us as a still small voice within as flowing, spontaneous thoughts which light upon our minds. However, the Bible also teaches that God’s voice comes through miraculous events which He orchestrates. Exodus 4:8 is one such example. “If they will not believe you, nor listen to the voice of the first sign, then they may believe the voice of the latter sign” (Ex. 4:8). New American Standard Bible confirms in the margin that the Hebrew word “qôl” is

literally voice. The KJV translates this word as “voice” 378 times. Brown, Driver, Briggs, defines this word as “voice, sound, noise.” So in the above verse, God’s miraculous “signs” were considered the voice of God. Truly interesting and truly something I had never noticed before. This verse was brought to my attention by Charles Cooper, a lead teacher at Calvary Assembly of God church in Winter Park, Florida, where I was conducting a seminar on hearing God’s voice this last weekend. CONTINUE