(By F.Dean Hackett) “Who are you?” they asked in a less than gracious tone. Jesus had been in the temple area since early morning, teaching a large gathering of people who have come to hear His words. A group of religious leaders brought an adulterous woman into the middle of the crowd, right before him and said, “The Law of Moses says stone her. What do you say?” They were not seeking counsel but an opportunity to impugn His character and His teaching. Jesus turned the tables on his

accusers: “You, who are without sin, cast the first stone.” Indignant and offended by His tone, convicted in their own hearts, the men who had brought the woman slithered away one by one. The woman remained before Him, no doubt humiliated, maybe very angry at the men and at the crowd around her. Jesus looked at her with eyes of love, mercy and grace. “Where are those who accuse you? Is someone condemning you?” Jesus asked. “No one,” she answered. “Neither do I condemn you,” He answered, “Go, and sin no more.” CONTINUE