Australia’s Deputy PM suggested Canberra would join military action against North Korea if Pyongyang were to fire a nuclear warhead at the US. He also has “sympathy” for calls to enforce trade sanctions against those doing business with the DPRK. “No one should ever go too far in testing the resolve of the United States of America,” Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce told Sky News. “If North Korea was to deliver a warhead into the United States of America then the ANZUS

alliance would be called in,” he added, referring to the Australia, New Zealand, and United States Security Treaty. When asked what kind of action might be taken, Joyce responded by asking “What would you want?” “If someone drops a nuclear warhead on a country what do you think happens next?” Earlier on Thursday, Joyce said Australia had “sympathy” for the idea of cutting off trade with countries doing business with Pyongyang. READ MORE