It’s been said Israel is 50 miles wide, 300 miles long and 3,000 years deep. How would you like to dig into some of those 3,000 years? That’s what some Israeli high school students majoring in Land of Israel and Archaeology studies are doing this summer. They’re excavating a 2,700-year-old water system uncovered near the city of Rosh HaAyin (head of the fountain) in central Israel. Behind the project is the Education Ministry and the Israel Antiquities Authority, along with

the Construction and Housing Ministry and the Rosh HaAyin Municipality, working together to provide the most meaningful hands-on experience for the nation’s next generation of archaeologists. Contractors discovered the impressive underground reservoir during a pre-construction dig, required under Israeli law. If a construction site discovers any antiquities, they have to stop building and start digging. This particular excavation is being carried out before construction begins on a new residential neighborhood. Under the direction of IAA archaeologist Gilad Itach, the students experience many aspects of an on-site excavation. READ MORE