(By Louis Posthauer) To summarize the strategy of spiritual warfare on behalf of the dropout believer:

1. Note or observe the behavior or works (fruit) of the flesh (Gal 5:19-21) in the dropout believer.

2. Pray for discernment by the Holy Spirit to reveal the strongholds.

3. Bind the strongman (Matt 18:18).

4. Loose the power of the Holy Spirit.

Some comments on this strategy:

1. The works (fruit) of the flesh are the obvious, visible patterns in one’s life—the anger, the resentment, the substance abuse and so on. They are the visible manifestations or “servants” of the spiritual strongholds that rule one’s life.

2. Only God knows the heart of a man. We may see a pattern of anger in a person, and God reveals that it is due to the stronghold of pride. We may observe a pattern of anger in another person, and God shows a completely different stronghold—perhaps the spirit of antichrist (unbelief). It is important to recognize that only God can reveal the spiritual source of the problem. CONTINUE