(By Dr. Doug Weiss) Lust is a choice. You have a myriad of choices when you see a woman. Lust is only one, but in my opinion, the worst one. You are 100 percent responsible for every choice you make to lust: double taking, rubbernecking, scanning, objectifying, evaluating or in any other way making a lustful assessment of a woman, whether she is real or an image. The devil can only offer a way to look at something, he can tempt you to think differently than God does. You can decide to think like God or you can lust and see a person or thing differently.

Weapon #1- Prayer

Prayer is a very important weapon to have in your arsenal. Prayer has a way of bringing heaven and the atmosphere of the kingdom of God to you on earth. Daily prayer is important for living a lust-free life. This prayer can be easy: “Jesus, I thank you for dying so I can be lust-free today.” Often men will choose to pray throughout the day to maintain the lifestyle they want to live. God will not withhold from you anything you regularly pray for that is in His will. Living lust-free is definitely in His will. Living lust-free is the way Jesus is currently living and wants us all to live. CONTINUE