Christians and other civilians trapped in Marawi City in the Philippines are being tortured and used as sex slaves and human shields by an Islamic State-affiliated terror group. Soldiers in the Philippines Army have also reported finding decapitated bodies on the streets. The Catholic Online reported Tuesday that although the Maute group jihadists, who are aligned with IS and are operating under its command, have been reduced to holding just a few blocks in the city, they have

been carrying out horrific atrocities. The terrorists are still holding close to 100 Christians hostages, survivors who’ve escaped have said. One of the Christians in captivity is Roman Catholic priest Teresito Soganub, who is an ambassador to the Vatican and advocate for peace. Soganub appeared in a video late in May begging Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to help the hostages, but it does not know what has happened to him. FULL REPORT