Face-detecting systems in China now authorize payments, provide access to facilities and track down criminals. According to the current MIT Technology Review, this technology may soon spread to other countries around the world. Speaking of new technology, the Drone Racing League World Championships are on television this week. Last year, more than 30 million people from 40 countries watched. Venture capitalists have invested $20 million in the sport this month.

Meanwhile, Amazon is on track to become America’s largest clothing retailer. It is planning a program called “Prime Wardrobe” that lets you try on clothes before you buy them. The company is already expanding its grocery delivery business and recently agreed to acquire Whole Foods. If you remember when you needed money to buy things, drones didn’t exist and Amazon was just an online bookstore, you’re as old as I am. But the world is changing faster than ever, and we can wax nostalgic, or we can embrace the opportunities of this new day. READ MORE