The Syrian conflict continues to escalate, with the U.S. government shooting down a Syrian jet over the weekend. It was an act that sparked a quick reaction from Russia, with officials there pledging, as a result, to view U.S. aircrafts in the area as “targets.” These latest developments build upon past tensions and events, leading to increased concerns about the future of Syria’s civil war, the state of the humanitarian crisis there and the best political path forward for diffusing the

situation.But in addition to the ongoing chatter about practical and logistical steps countries like America should take to remedy the crisis there has also been an intense theological debate brewing, with Christians debating whether the events unfolding on the ground in Syria could have some sort of connection to the Bible. While some point to the current crisis as evidence of “prophecy” — a biblical prediction of an event that has yet to unfold — others decry this notion as irresponsible and wrong-headed. Either way, it’s an intriguing debate worth discussing. READ MORE