Gov. Matt Bevin’s highly anticipated plan to combat gun violence largely fell flat Thursday morning during a volatile public meeting at Western Middle School . Tempers boiled over outside the school after a number of dismayed citizens and religious leaders walked out of the meeting early, fuming over the governor’s so-called “solution” to soaring gun violence – prayer.    The governor recently took to Facebook Live, where he promised a solution to gun violence following the shooting death of 7-year-old Dequante Hobbs of Louisville. The little boy was eating a snack in his kitchen when a

stray bullet came through a nearby window, killing him. Gov. Bevin unveiled his solution during the meeting Thursday morning. The plan calls on groups of volunteers to adopt streets in Louisville’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods, then spend a few nights a week walking the area and praying at each corner. Those who were critical of Bevin’s proposal questioned whether it was a plan at all, saying they expected the Governor to announce a more tangible solution, like a state-funded initiative. READ MORE