The “supervolcano” at Yellowstone National Park is being hit by a swarm of hundreds of earthquakes, according to researchers who have been tracking seismic activity this week.  More than 400 have been detected in the area since June 12, including a 4.5 magnitude quake within the park on June 15. Researchers say the risk of activating the supervolcano is low and the quakes are nothing to be concerned about, as they are common in the region. However, others believe it is

inevitable and only a matter of time before such a disaster takes place. Scientist Michio Kaku recently warned on Fox News the supervolcano is overdue for an eruption and such an event would “rip the guts out of the USA.” Researchers from the University of Utah, in contrast, have warned the risk is low, with the odds of an eruption each year being one in 700,000. READ MORE