Authorities in North Korea’s Yanggang province tied with rope, assaulted, dragged and arrested a 61-year-old resident days after he returned from China on charges of spying as he had allegedly contacted his Christian relatives in that country, according to reports. The North Korean citizen, Kim Seung-mo, a resident of the Wiyon area of Hyesan city, was dragged by state security officials in front of Wiyon train station last week, according to Radio Free Asia. Kim was shackled

and tied with rope as he was dragged out from a town behind Wiyon brewery, an anonymous local source was quoted as saying.  It seemed he had been assaulted, as he had split lips and black eyes, and could not walk properly, the source said. Kim used to work at the Wiyon substation in the electricity department there. He retired in March. “After he came back from China, he openly told his neighbors that his relatives attended a Christian church, and the church’s pastor collected many used clothes from parishioners for him,” READ MORE