Mayhem broke out in the Mediterranean on Friday as more than 900 migrants set off from Libya to reach Europe in just 24 hours.  Desperate men, women and children from across Africa and the Middle East launched from the Libyan coast in five separate boats to escape hardship in their homeland.  Packed inside wooden vessels and floating on makeshift rafts those hoping to seek refuge in the European Union were spotted floating in international waters. The first rescues took

place late Thursday when 130 people were saved by Vos Prudence, a rescue ship run by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The same ship made another rescue at 5.30am on Friday when 136 were taken aboard. Just hours later a migrant-packed rubber boat, purpose built by sick smugglers making millions out of desperation, was located by the MSCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center) in Rome. Charities and NGOs rushed to the scene to prevent mass panic and death, while officials from the EU – READ MORE