As the Filipino government continues to fight ISIS-backed militants for control of Marawi city, local Muslims are coming to the aid of their Christian neighbors despite the dangers associated with doing so. Since the terrorists took control of the major metropolis late last month, residents have found their city nearly uninhabitable, with corpses strewn throughout the streets and armed extremists threatening the lives of those who remain.  Although the Philippines is a predominantly

Catholic country, Marawi has a large Muslim population. In the midst of the ISIS-led stronghold, it is the Christians who find themselves in particular danger. Jihadists seized at least one Catholic church in the city, taking a priest and parishioners hostage.  But as the Christian Post reports, those that remain are finding refuge. There are a growing number of examples of Muslims helping their Christian neighbors. Lenny Paccon opened her home to more than 50 people and subsequently helped them escape the area. READ MORE