An elementary school principal in Massachusetts recently sent an email to parents to announce that she is in the process of “transitioning” into a man.  Asa Sevelius, 45, has worked as the principal of Heath School for the past three years—a public institution that serves children pre-k through the eighth grade. On Wednesday, Sevelius sent an email to parents to advise that she is undergoing treatments to become masculine.  “Dear Heath Community, I am writing to all of you to share some powerful news about me,” the correspondence read. “I am transgender.” She told WBUR Radio that she made

the announcement as she wants to “make sure that my community, as much as possible, is a part of [the transition] process.” “I work with almost 600 kids every single day and I need them to not exist in some weird, confusing place, but to really be able to be brought along in a way that is developmentally appropriate for them and not to be surprised when changes to my body occur—my voice deepens, for example, or I’m suddenly able to have a mustache when I’m greeting them at the front door,” READ MORE