A disturbing new report claims that ISIS terrorists have been distributing “passports to paradise” in a desperate effort to convince potential fighters that rewards await them in the afterlife so long as they continue to fight for the militant group’s interests. The purported passports were discovered amid ISIS’s attempts to retain control of the group’s self-described capital in Raqqa, Syria, according to the Daily Mail. The documents, which the outlet describes as “professionally printed,”

are green and include gold writing, with the words “Passport to Paradise” on the cover as well as text of the Islamic shahada, which reads, “No God but Allah, Muhammed is the Messenger of God.” Inside, the contents include Koranic verses in both Arabic and English that are aimed at encouraging militants to use car bombs and suicide attempts. ISIS’s idea is reportedly to use the document in an effort to motivate fighters to take action, telling them that they will end up in “paradise” after their deaths if they comply. READ MORE