Wheat harvests around the world are falling dangerously short, raising the possibility that the end-of-days famine prophesied in the Book of Amos as preceding the Messiah has arrived. Israel, the tiny nation that has made its deserts bloom, is poised to be a guiding light in this developing crisis, helping the world grow crops while bringing them closer to redemption. Massive shortages in the wheat crop became obvious as farmers recently began harvesting the winter yield.

Winter wheat, accounting for 70-80 percent of the total annual harvest, dropped 38 percent from last year in the US. Prices on wheat futures are soaring as concern grows over where the country’s bread will come from. The shortage in America is part of a global trend. The Ukraine, once considered Europe’s breadbasket, is harvesting 7 percent less than last year, a downward progression that has continued for several years. Overall, European countries and Canada saw a similar drop in the harvest of cereal crops this year.  READ MORE