Yes, you read that headline correctly. No, this is not “fake news.” Horrible, wicked people are selling their own offspring for electronics.  This week, called attention to a report that Chinese authorities are investigating a couple believed to have sold their 2-month-old son on an illegal online auction. According to the Daily Mail, the child was allegedly sold for 19,000 yuan, or about $2,800. The father of the child has since been arrested and is under investigation. Police say he used the money to buy food, clothes, and cell phones for himself and his girlfriend.  More from the Daily Mail:

According to Jiangxi Broadcasting Station, the incident occurred in Ganzhou, China’s Jiangxi Province, in late May. The Ganzhou police were informed by people who saw the advertisement posted by the couple on WeChat, the Chinese equivalent to Whatsapp. The police immediately dispatched officers to track down the couple. After they found the father, he admitted that he had already sold the baby to a family living in a small village in Shashi Town, Ganzhou. READ MORE