Australia is becoming older and more diverse — both culturally and religiously — according to new data from the country’s census. While the first census in 1911 found the average Australian was a 24-year-old man, last year the typical Aussie was a married 38-year-old woman, who lives in a three-bedroom house, with two kids and two cars. The census, which is conducted every five years, found that Asians now make up the largest percentage of the overseas-born population,

jumping from in 2011 — 32.9% to 39.7% last year. Europe led that category the last time the survey was taken. Fifty years ago, census data showed that more than 88% of the country was Christian. It’s now just over 52%. Since the last census in 2011, the country’s Muslim and Hindu populations each added more than 100,000 people, but they still only represent 2.6% and 1.9% of the population. There are still more Buddhists than Hindus. READ MORE