“Patterns of Evidence” expert Tim Mahoney believes the Bible is losing its authority so he is setting out for a new discovery to historically prove the life of Moses. “The Bible has been displaced from its position of authority in the eyes of most Americans. It has been diminished and discredited because it has seemingly been proven to be not historical,” Mahoney said in a go fund me campaign he launched for the new series, “Patterns of Evidence: Moses.” With the success of

Mahoney’s award-winning film, “Patterns of Evidence” projects, he believes he was able to bring the Bible back to historical credibility in a way that can be understood and appreciated by people around the world today. “Some people might say, why is this initiative so important? As you may know, the Bible portrays the Exodus journey as an eyewitness account recorded by Moses. And many of the Bible’s authors, including Jesus, reference Moses and the Exodus as historical reality,” he explained.  READ MORE