Pastor and author Phil Hotsenpiller believes that many of the modern-day atrocities involving terrorism, shootings and other acts of violence have a direct tie to biblical prophecy.  In his soon-to-release book, “One Nation Without Law: The Rise of Lawlessness, the End Times and the Power of Hope,” Hotsenpiller will attempt to “connect the dots between biblical prophecy about lawlessness and current events.”

He told the Christian Post in a recent interview that he believes evil has embedded in the minds of terrorists and others who commit such horrific acts, and that the recent Manchester terror attack offers a prime example of this paradigm. “A lot of people, we look at something like Manchester and we think of lawbreakers but we don’t think about a spirit behind that and where that originated from,” Hotsenpiller told the Christian Post. “I really try to grapple with the hard questions — like what is really going in our world with the shootings, with terror attacks, how we can connect biblical prophecies to lawlessness and current events.” READ MORE