Experts have long warned that UV rays from the sun are harmful to our skin. But according to one skincare specialist, our smartphones and computers can cause just as much damage as the sun. In fact, Dr Howard Murad – an American dermatologist to A-list stars including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Jerry Hall – claims that spending four days in front of screens that emit harmful blue rays is the equivalent to 20 minutes in front of the sun.

The expert made his startling comments during This Morning segment and revealed we can protect ourselves and prevent further damage with an ingredient called lutein, which is found in some sunscreens, and also naturally in food such as goji berries. Dr Murad, who has his own multi-million-pound skincare range, told viewers it is important to eat natural food that contains sunscreen and apply at least a tablespoon of the lotion to our faces before going in the sun. READ MORE