A Missouri city is refusing atheist activists demands that officials take down a large, lighted cross that has been on display inside one of its local parks since 1930. The cross, which is 60-feet long, was once used for the city of Neosho’s now-defunct Easter morning services. Eventually, officials decided to leave it up, but in May — decades after its installation — someone complained about its presence, according to conservative commentator Todd Starnes.

Then, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist activist group, stepped in and sent a May 11 letter, demanding that the cross be removed, saying it is “unconstitutional” due to its placement on public land. But despite receiving that letter, officials apparently have no plans to bow to atheists’ demands. Neosho Mayor Ben Baker, in fact, told Starnes that he believes the cross, which is located in the city’s Big Spring Park, is “a historical part of [the] town and our heritage,” rebuffing claims that it is an offensive endorsement of the Christian worldview. READ MORE